Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey, hope everyone is enjoying the sun. This time of year I tend to get a little "anxious" and want to start my outside gardening. Weather still crazy so I guess I'll stick to the "blue prints". Today are a few of my favorite things to do with herbs. Entertaining ideas and gifts that are easy on the budget. Enjoy!

Herb vinegars are an extremely popular use for home grown herbs. To make herb vinegar place herbs in a jar or bottle and cover with white vinegar and secure with a tight lid, store the bottle in a cool, dry place. After steeping for 4-6 weeks, the vinegar can be pored off into smaller bottles and capped. Everyone loves homemade gifts and this will sure be a hit at your next celebration. Tie the bottles with a recipe card of your favorite recipe using the herb. Makes a great decor on your kitchen counter as well.

Herb butter can be made with the addition of about 4 tablespoons full of dried herb leaves and a dash of lemon juice to 1/4 pound of softened butter. Store the butter in the refrigerator in a covered dish. I like to form it into a log and then freeze. Right before serving slice with a butter slicer and plate. Very decorative when entertaining.

Mint leaves in ice...wash mint leaves and place in ice cube trays. Fill with water and freeze. Make enough for individual glasses and for your glass pitcher of your favorite beverage. I grow mint leaves all year and do this tip always when entertaining.

TOMORROW:  "Recipes w/ Herbs Part 2"

DESIGN TIP:  Had an email on advice for settling design arguments with your spouse. Hmm...hesitant to comment but we all go through this. I used to design for Robb & Stucky Interiors and we had Dueling Designers on Saturday's. I always said we should have "Dueling Spouses" instead. Seriously...designs are meant to show your creativity and personal lifestyle in your home. If you get to that argumentative stage...stop and take a breather, you are probably getting too excited or on a time crunch. Go to lunch or dinner and start fresh the next day. You may even come up with another solution to the style you originally wanted. As a Designer, I have to remember that my husband has excellent taste and likes to get involved in the design process as well. I've learned to ask his opinion and combine our creativity. Goes a lot smoother :-) Hope this helps.

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