Saturday, July 7, 2018


Hey everyone....hope all is well.....have to say I was so excited when I noticed what today was...seriously had no idea so had to "google it" to make sure. It's a "legal" day to eat chocolate so I'm assuming it's also a "calorie free" day as well (a girl can only dream) Unfortunately for me, chocolate would need to be sugar free but that's can hardly tell the difference  these days with all the natural substitutes. My favorite below is an "all time" staple to take to pot lucks etc., and it's fast & easy and you can prepare overnight. Sorry don't have a pic to share but I think you can get the "visual" reading the recipe. If you're a "quilter/crafter" like me you know chocolate goes "hand & hand" in my sewing room! So enjoy your chocolate day!

Other important dates ;-)
International Choc day....September 13th
National Choc days...October 28th & December 28th

Blessed Cooking from "My Home to Yours",
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Cat's Favorite Low Sugar Chocolate Pie...

1 Pillsbury pie crust (bake as directed & let cool)
1 lrg. box sugar free chocolate pudding (mix with 3/4 cup 2% Milk)...set up in fridge for about 30 min. (I chill my bowl ahead of time before preparing pudding mix)
Spoon into cooled pie shell & shave "sugar free" chocolate on top :-)
Cover (saran wrap) & Refrigerate until set can cover (saran wrap) & freeze for a bit if you need to serve quickly.....Enjoy!
Also, a great project to do with kids this summer.....add sprinkles & eatable décor :-)

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