Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gardening tip "Living Wall"

Hey, hope everyone had a blessed "Spring Break". I spent mine recuperating from my nasal surgery. Want to thank everyone for the prayers and emails. Highly recommend having a sinus scan done if you think you only have allergies. Oh, thanks to the one who sent me "The Texas Tissue"...Good one!!! I believe "Spring" is here...not so sure lately in Indiana :-). I've had some emails on gardening q's while I was recuperating. Hmmm...somebody knows me too well...This month I will be sharing Easter tips,  Gardening tips and healthy Easter candy even your big "kids" will love.

Architectural shutter revemped into a garden trellis? I have to share this with a Designer this is a great idea. Striking focal point in your landscaping, minimum cost in materials...especially if you keep the "old vintage look" by not spending the money and painting it. I would invest my money in striking plants with vibrant colors for the focal point. You could even hang a wreath on it for a more inviting look. Enjoy and have fun!

Tip: If you find a pair of shutters that don't look stressed enough...take a wire brush and scrape the paint off. You can even spray some paint on shutter and after it dries scrape the paint off for the old vintage look. Fun way to add color if your not using your plants for that application.

Items needed: Pair of salvaged shutters
Wood screws
Shellac or water-based varnish (optional)
Secure shutters together forming V shape with wood screws. Make sure slats are facing same direction. Secure base of shutters in ground etc. to protect from wind. I'm using rebarb at base to secure in dirt. Use drought-resistant plants that don't require alot of care. Put soil between slats and carefully instert plants. Add moss for moisture and let moss trail out as well. Just remember safety if you have children. Shutters are heavy.

Tomorrow:  Cats Goulosh

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