Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This week it's "all about tips". I'll share kitchen tips, design and gardening tips. Also, we'll be getting into the BBQ'ng season so please send any tips or recipes that you'd like to share. That's what it's all about...saving time in the kitchen so we can spend more time with our family. Enjoy!

* Place a paper towel between glass and plastic bowls to prevent them from sticking together in your pantry.
* Use a zip lock sandwich bag to cover your meat tenderizer when using. Makes cleanup a snap!
* Use a baby bottle cleaner to clean the groves in a meat tenderizer if needed. Also great to clean hard to reach places in a Humming Bird feeder.
*Spray your hand grater with nonstick cooking spray before grating cheese, etc. Makes clean up a snap!
*Rolling out non stick rubber liner (rubber shelf liner) underneath your cutting board or wax paper to prevent it from shifting with the force of the roller.
Hint...marble cutting boards are excellent due to the weight.
*Mixing bowls spinning when using hand non stick rubber liner on counter before setting bowl. Keeps it from spinning while mixing.
Hint...I keep a few sizes to have on hand in drawer for these tips and opening tight jars.
*Entertaining casual in the home or outdoors when using paper a package of wicker paper plate liners and spray paint them the color of your theme/decor. You'll be the talk of party!
*My daughter Nichole's tip...if you want your husband to cover a dish when warming it in the microwave...always keep a clean paper plate in the microwave. Smart girl :-)
*Onions...slice and dice right away and freeze in a freezer bag for individual servings. Thaw before using. Keeps smell out of refrigerator and convenient.
*Bananas going bad...freeze in freezer bag with skins on. Makes the best banana bread.
*Frosting a cooled cake on plate lined with parchment paper and place in freezer for 10-15 minutes before frosting. Keeps crumbs from getting into frosting.
*Potatoes...boil them ahead of time with their skins on and keep in an air tight container in fridge. Great time saving tip when doing hash browns or mashed potatoes on a work night. Cooking time just cut in half.
*Taco meat...keep on hand in refrigerator for a fast dinner. Makes great toppings for bake potatoes, nachos etc.

Hope you find some of these tips useful...send some of yours that you'd like to share.

Tomorrow: "Indoor Potting Center"

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