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Hey...."Tis the Season"....we all want those easy & delish recipes for the Holiday's and this one is a sure crowd pleaser. Inexpensive, so easy to do & makes a lot for a large crowd & wonderful to take to a party. If you need a gift for that special someone, these would be wonderful wrapped up in a decorative tin. If bourbon is not on your menu, omit and do the recipe for the kids. When you bite into the center of the brownie, you will be "enlightened by the sweet creamy cherry filling". The 3 in 1 recipe is easy to do with your kids and makes a wonderful gift for their teachers. Enjoy!

"Blessed Cooking from Our Home to Yours"

"Bourbon Brownie Bites"
1 pkg. of Duncan Hines (chewy fudge brownies) mix as directed for "fudgy brownies", (2 eggs, 1/4   cup water & 1/2 cup oil)
3 boxes of "Cordial Cherries (made w/real milk chocolate)
(small tin muffin liners are recommended)
Pre-heat oven to 350*. Spray small tin muffin pan w/cooking spray. "Inject bourbon (to taste) into each Cordial Cherry...set aside. Prepare brownie mix and line each muffin tin w/liners or spray each tin w/cooking spray. Using a cookie scoop sprayed w/cooking spray, add small amount to each muffin tin. Carefully insert a Cordial Cherry allowing the brownie mix to fold over the sides of the cherry. This tip w/ create the cherry to be partially covered once baked. Bake for about 10-12 minutes or until brownies are done (ovens vary)...let cool & ENJOY!

"3 in 1 Brownie Bites 4 Kids"
1 pkg. of Duncan Hines (chewy fudge brownies) prepared as above (OMITTING BOURBON) :-)
1 pkg. Hershey's kisses (Cherry Cordial Crème)
Reese's Peanut Butter Chips 4 baking
1 jar of Nutella (hazelnut)

Prepare brownie mix and small muffin tins as above. Bake as above and let cool.
3 different types:
.Insert cordial cherries into each tin using above directions (no-bourbon)...bake and let cool.

or....prepare brownie mix and instead insert a few peanut butter chips...bake and cool.

or... prepare brownie mix and instead insert a pecan...bake and cool...once cooled frost each brownie w/hazelnut Nutella...yummy goodness for any age! Enjoy the Holiday's!

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