Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hey...hope everyone is enjoying the festivities this time of year. Unfortunately, with the excitement of  Christmas, comes the "Holiday Rush". So, this recipe will help you with that late night shopping, or school holiday activities, where you are in a rush for something fast to prepare. This easy, healthy pizza is so fast and easy to make, you will want to make it anytime of the year. Yes, I will be the first to's a wonderful late night snack. My recipe consists of only 4 ingredients, unless you top it off with your family favorites. So, during this wonderful time of year, grab your family and get them involved making their favorite healthy pizza. Enjoy!

"Blessed Cooking from our Home to Yours"

Whole wheat tortillas (carb balance)
Pepperoni slices (low fat)
Mozzarella cheese (grated/low fat or fat free)
Kens Lite Northern Italian w/Basil & Romano dressing

In a non-stick skillet...heat tortilla with single layer of pepperoni slices, drizzle over Italian dressing, top w/ grated cheese and cook until browned and cheese is melted. Remove unto cutting board and cut into pizza slices. Easy, yummy & healthy!

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